• Reviews speak for themselves

    "The welfare of the horse has always been a concern for us ... I think the important thing tomorrow will be to be able to prove it and to talk about it."

    "During the meeting with Claire Neveux, we felt a passion for what she did [...] but also that it was someone qualified, competent and rigorous. In our exchanges, what was also interesting was the explanation of Ethonova's methodology [...] setting up a study was important for us, but not at the expense of welfare. The welfare of the horse has always been a concern for us. [...] I think the important thing tomorrow will be to be able to prove it and to talk about it. At our first meeting, I felt that an efficiency to quickly identifying our needs [...] because she already had a pretty clear idea of ​​how she could conduct the study. Then, Claire Neveux had been able very quickly to implement the study. [...] She was always available when needed and the report she provided us with responded to our request [...] It was clear, both scientific and understandable for a non-scientist. "

    Joana Moello-Campus

    Equestrian Sport leader de Fouganza, Décathlon

  • "Proximity, responsiveness & source of proposal"

    "Innovation in the equine industry must involve people who can carry messages. It was very important in our ecosystem to have this scientific guarantee, which passes through our technical expertise of lighting with LED technology but also through the scientific and behavioural study carried out by Ethonova on behalf of PROXIMAL. [...] Ethonova's values are Proximity, Reactivity and source of proposal. Evidently, her scientific and field knowledge of horses and their relationship to humans seduced us to concretize the rigorous implementation of our first scientific study. Today, Claire Neveux also brings us all her expertise within our Scientific Committee. "

    Bruno Duvault

    Founder and Manager of PROXIMAL

    LED lighting solutions dedicated to the equine sector

    "We have been counting on Ethonova since the beginning. Ethonova is a partner "

    "I find that Claire Neveux popularize well scientific content to the general public and that she communicates well, this is very understandable. For example, at the stable, when she came with the scientific team to a stable, many people sent us feedback because she had very well explained the study with simple words. And the riders understand it, it's important. The relationship with Claire Neveux has always been good, she has always been listening. [...] In fact, we have been able to count on her since the beginning. She is a partner we know well and with whom we really want to keep on working with. [...] From the beginning, Claire Neveux, really believed in the project. We really thank her because without her, it could never have existed. "

    Thomas Pandraud

    COO de Horsecom

    Horse headphone

  • " Ethonova's analysis data will be very useful for a content strategy release "

    "At Nowkey, we believe that video analysis is a great educational media for riders to become aware of their riding on their horses and of course the welfare of horses. In this context, we used the services of Ethonova for a scientific study in order to define the behaviour of the ridden horse welfare. […] The data that emerges from Ethonova's analysis will be very useful for a content strategy release. […] What I appreciated in the service provided by Ethonova is, first of all, the customer relationship. Claire Neveux is very attentive to our needs and responds perfectly to it. Then it is naturally the reliability and the quality of the study that came out and finally, the confidence that we can have towards our business partner, who I highly recommend. »

    Leila Mehnane

    Founder of Nowkey​

    Mobile application for video analysis of riders and their horse