• Training Course and Scientific Transmission

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    Behavior and equine welfare course

    for professionals


    • Human-horse relationship,
    • The horse’s sensory world,
    • The horse in its natural state and the impact of domestication,
    • The horse's temperament
    • The horse's learning theories,
    • Safety around the horse,
    • Stress management in horses…
    Examples: Ethology course at the Ecole Française d'Ostéopathie, BFEEE theoretical ethology course at Haras de la Cense, horse safety and education in equine mediation course at the Société Française d'équithérapie.
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    Transmission of scientific knowledge

    for professional events

    Ethonova offers its expertise in private or public projects as a consultant or as a project management assistant. Ethonova can ensure the creation of content (well-being of the horse, horse performance, safety...) and/or the production of this content (scenography, signage...).


    Examples: Creation of an interactive exhibition on the horse, creation of a 3D video about horse vision.

  • Examples

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    Ecole Française d'Ostéopathie Animale

    Ethology Course

    Our founder Claire Neveux, who has a Master's degree in Applied Ethology and who is a horse behaviorist, has been teaching equine ethology, reproductive physiology and Equestrian Culture in racing since 2015.


    Sensitization ​

    In collaboration with Martine Villain from Com'elle, Ethonova have created and have set up the sensory and interactive exhibition "Equispher, presented by Alltech" during the FEI Alltech World Equestrian Games in 2014 in Normandy.

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    Teachers' Seminar 2021


    Intervention for the COREN on the mental load of the equestrian structure leaders named "Management of the equestrian business: What if we do better?" at the Saint-Lô Equine Center.

  • They trust us

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