Scientific agency on the horse, its behaviour and the human-horse relationship

    Ethonova is an innovative scientific agency on the horse, its behavior and its relationship with humans. Ethonova has been developing since 2011, on the initiative of Claire Neveux, a research engineer in equine welfare who has chosen to develop a specific expertise towards professionals of the horse industry, from product manufacturers to riders.


    Ethonova's mission is to support the horse industry's companies in their product design or use of the horse for sport, racing or leasure purposes, ensuring that the welfare of the horse is respected. The aim of all this scientific support is to optimize performance and improve safety for both horse and humans.

    Ethonova's fields of intervention :

    • Research and development
    • Consulting on equestrian infrastructures optimisation
    • Training course and transmission of scientific knowledge
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    Ethonova's vision

    The first concern of the amateur rider is the welfare of his horse. The same goes for all professionals in the industry as horse welfare is for all a major issue: a mentally balanced horse will be a better performer!

    The better a horse's living conditions are, the stronger the relationship with its rider/owner will be. The safety of both horses and humans is strongly linked to the conditions of welfare.

    Innovation in this traditional sector is essential to meet the challenges of tomorrow, be they societal (horse industry external image) or specific to different sectors (racing, sport, leisure). To achieve welfare, safety and performance, Ethonova is committed to being by your side and be involved in all your innovations, to optimize their success.

  • " The welfare of the horse has always been a concern for us "

    "During the meeting with Claire Neveux, we felt a passion for what she did [...] but also that it was someone qualified, competent and rigorous. In our exchanges, what was also interesting was the explanation of Ethonova's methodology [...] setting up a study was important for us, but not at the expense of welfare. The welfare of the horse has always been a concern for us. [...] I think the important thing tomorrow will be to be able to prove it and to talk about it."

    Joanna Moello-Campus

    Equestrian Sport leader

    Fouganza, Décathlon

  • Ethonova's strenghts

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    Rigorous scientific expertise,

    confidentiality and reactivity

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    personalized support

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  • Team

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    Claire Neveux – Founder and Director

    Research engineer in equine welfare

    Claire Neveux has worked for several years in racehorse breeding in France and across the world (England, Ireland, United States, South Africa). She has also been managing the family Thoroughbred breeding farm in Normandy since 2009. Following these varied experiences, she graduated from a Bachelor's degree in Physiology and cell Biology and then a Master's degree in Ethology. She quickly specialized in horse behaviour through two research projects at the French National Institute of Agronomy (in a French National stud team) "The impact of social isolation on the welfare and learning performances of the young horse" and "the study of the living conditions of the horse on its welfare". Fascinated by the challenge of infusing innovation into the horse industry, Claire Neveux has also graduated from the ESSCA's interactive "creativity and innovation" training course. The objective of her various experiences, both scientific and at the horse's side, is to bring her expertise to horse industry professionals in order to improve horse welfare, through technological innovations and consulting services. In 2011, she set up Ethonova, a scientific agency on the horse, its behaviour and its relationship with humans.

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    Agathe Sennesal - Collaborator

    Equine welfare researcher

    Agathe Sennesal holds a Masters degree in agricultural engineering from ISA Lille and in Animal Sciences from Texas A&M University. A specialist in Equine Welfare, Agathe has gained international professional experiences in the United States and in Ireland. She is also a self-employed equine behaviourist focused on creating a positive relationship between horse and human through science-based training and care practices.

    Agathe Sennesal joined Ethonova in early 2022 as an equine welfare researcher. For her, this is a real opportunity to put her passion and expertise to work for a company entirely dedicated to the horse welfare. Agathe's main missions are: research and development, training course, communication.

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    Charlotte Roussin - Apprentice collaborator

    Development manager

    Arrived in September 2020 as a development manager for Ethonova, Charlotte is on an apprenticeship contract for two years as part of her Master's in Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Evolua Formation. For Charlotte, it was obvious to combine her passion for horses and her professional fields of activity: communication and strategic marketing. In parallel with her studies, she practices horse riding since the age of 9. Her knowledges of the equine sector as well as her technical skills to support Ethonova agency combine perfectly. Graduated from a scientific course in secondary school, Charlotte has continued her studies with a two-year technical degree in commercial units management at the Institut Saint-Lô then she completed a Bachelor Marketing Sales apprenticeship to develop her skills directly in the professional environment.

    She has joined Ethonova in 2020 as part of her Master's degree. Charlotte's main missions within Ethonova are: prospecting, communication and development of the agency's strategy. She is also involved in various tasks such as customer relations, bibliographic research and she participates in the organization and realization of the agency scientific projects.

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    Mathilde Valenchon


    « Scientific valorization »

    Currently working as a research associate at the Bristol Veterinary School in the United Kingdom on the evaluation of the welfare of racehorses, Mathilde Valenchon is a specialist in stress, social behaviour and cognition in horses. She carried out her phD on the "Influence of the temperament on the learning and memory performances of the equus caballus horse" within the Behaviour, Neurophysiology and Adaptation team of the French National Institut for Agronomic Research (Tours-France) under the supervision of Léa Lansade and Frédéric Levy. She then completed her post-doctorate in collaboration with Odile Petit within the Cognitive and Social Ethology team of the French National Scientific Research Centre (Strasbourg-France) on the leadership and social welfare of the horse. Mathilde Valenchon has been collaborating with Ethonova since 2014 on studies on the impact of music on horses via the Horsecom headphone and, more generally, she participates in the scientific valorization of studies conducted by Ethonova.

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